Monday, October 18, 2010

the dog is loose...

Snap is off his line...

...but he is not lost. He is safe and sound in our backyard. In fact, he is all snuggly for a nap on the deck chair next to me and I fear not his escape.

...please come in and see why: we have a fence up! Here is the northeast corner of the yard, one of three gates.

Walking along the north border of the yard finds Terry and Jerry evening out the top of the fence. We'll just say they didn't do it the easiest way they could have. But they worked it out.

Checking out their work

The kids can play safe in their sand box, and hopefully any stray cats will stay out of there.

The view of the northwest corner of the yard. The shed separates one half of the fence from the other. Now Terry can park his trailer back there.

The other side of the shed where the fence starts again. Gate two.

This is the west section of fence around the bball court

And finally, the southeast corner of the yard. It's a double gate so we can get vehicles into the back if we ever need to.

I am standing on the north side of the fence looking south. It's a big yard!

And now I've walked to the south side to take a photo of where I just was. What a great job they did!

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