Monday, October 4, 2010

more work

After the roof was complete, Terry and his dad did a few more repairs to the house.

When we got heavy rains this summer, the front picture window would leak, inside. It wasn't due to the gutters... We found out that it was due to a rotten board behind the gutters. The roofers replaced that board. But they also noticed that the soffet was somewhat rotten as well, especially above our front door. So they took that out, replaced and painted it. We will be doing all new soffets at some point. They also put in four new vents in the soffets on the south part of the fence since the attic has very poor ventilation.

But look what they found under the soffet!

Yeah, that's a HUGE wasp nest. They took it out, and thankfully, there were no wasps in it.

Furthermore, there is no partitioning wall between the attic and the garage. So, in the winter, all the cold air goes straight up into the attic and increases the gas bill. The plan is to wall this area off with insulation and drywall. So Terry climbed up there and put up some boards.

Good job Terry (and Jerry of course!)

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