Friday, October 15, 2010

fence 2

Terry's dad came to help out with house stuff again this week. He's just great. Poor Terry is pretty swamped and is feeling the crunch of Fall and the ground freezing, so here comes Jerry to help him out.

Here is the gate next to the garage that they got up. This way if we ever need a truck or something back there, there will be a way.

Here is the second gate by the shed. You can see that they got these poles cemented in and the top bar in place.

This is the area behind the shed and fort where the fence will go around it. It's kinda hard to see the posts, but they're there.

The north side of the lawn with cemented posts. The two nearest posts are where the third gate will be. Now all that needs to be done is getting the top poles on and then stretching the chain link on!

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