Monday, October 11, 2010

funny boy

Noah has been saying some pretty funny things lately.

I posted this on facebook, but will here as well so we're sure to remember...

We've been talking to Noah a lot lately about good manners. He's still not got the true meaning down, but we say things like, "it's not good manners to yell at the table...or be silly. It's good manners to cover your mouth when you cough and to say excuse me." So when we were eating lunch at Runza after church with Nathan and Ana before they headed back home, we told Noah to use his good manners. He said, "Good manners are in my head." That sounded good enough for us, as we nodded. Then he put on his thoughtful face and said, "I have bad manners in my bottom." We all burst out laughing but I don't think he realized what was funny b/c a little while later he also said he had bad manners in his feet.

Another funny story... Noah is always sad to see daddy go to work in the morning. He sorta follows him out the door but waits there to watch him go. As Terry is getting in his Blazer, Noah has been telling him things like, "Be good daddy. Don't do anything bad. Don't steal anything." Today he also said, "Don't go too fast." I had a good laugh even though I was in a bad Monday mood.

On another note, Noah is silly b/c he has never wanted to participate in playing any video games. He just wants to watch us play MarioKart or Smash Brothers or whatever it is he wants to "play." He said he's not a big enough boy. Today we insisted that he learn b/c daddy says he's big enough now. He did try but is so easily frustrated. I came down from making a MOPS breakfast to see him stuck at a fence on MarioKart. Poor boy. So daddy came to help him. Daddy steered the car and Noah was the acceleration. It worked pretty good.

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