Saturday, October 23, 2010

fall apple pie time

It's cloudy and gloomy today. They're hanging around after the huge thunderstorm last night. It freaked Noah right out. But I'll take it over the 2 freak snow storms we had by this time last year.

Anyway, since Terry has to preach tomorrow (again), he's working all day. So what better way to pass the gloom away then in the kitchen? I made homemade mac and cheese, beef soup in the crock pot, homemade bread and apple pie! I must be getting comfortable at this point in my cooking career b/c I didn't even use a recipe for the soup. I used what I had on hand and put in some things that sounded good from some other recipes I browsed. So we shall see if I am indeed a "good" cook.

As I was cutting up the apples for the pie, Noah got all excited about the peels. Said they were his favorite part! He promptly tucked in and ate a whole bunch of them. Strange right?! Here's my proof:

Noah enjoyed helping mix the flour up and watching me do the rest. Here is the empty pie shell and apples a-juicing. Oh, and the cheesy boy. That is the face for when I say Cheese.

Apples with butter on top. I always forget this part, but not today

It's ready for the oven

Time to cool off. I can't wait to eat it tonight (and the soup and bread)!!!

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