Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my kids today...so far

Evie has been sick for a few days. After hearing of a friend's girls who had strep, I thought I better take her in - so that's what we did this morning instead of going to my MOPS steering meeting. Evie's throat looked red and she was very wheezy. Tell me about it - her coughing led her to throw up in the night! I think I have changed that bed every day for the last 4 days. Sometimes more than once a day (not b/c of vomit, b/c she's been taking off her pull-up and peeing on the bed! perhaps the infection is causing delirium? i got her up this morning and she was naked!)

Anyway, we left the doctor's office with a pretty minimal amount of tears (even though she is afraid of the place) and a prescription for an antibiotic, a bronchodilator (for the cough) and a decongestant. The funny thing, I thought, was even though she's already having trouble getting a nap b/c of the cough, the combination of the bronchodilator and decongestant can make her a little hyper. Ha =)

So hopefully these drugs will get her to feeling better. She was running around like a psycho, similar to Noah, so perhaps the hyper drugs were working...

Here the kids were hanging out on the porch after lunch. It's a little chilly today so they requested blankets.

Still cute with lunch on her nose and the snot and drool...

On another note before I forget... As I was putting Evie's bed back together, Noah was playing with her bear and monkey in the doll house. He was trying to pull the bear through one of the windows when he said, "You're a fat bear." I laughed.

When I was done he put the animals on Evie's bed and told them "Bear you are fat and monkey you are healthy" (this is the wii fit talking. but he likes to know if what he's eating is healthy or not. i don't think that bear is particularly fat though. just cuddly!) So perhaps we need to have a talk about not calling people fat... bad manners...musta come from his bottom... hahahahahah

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