Monday, September 10, 2012

Evie's trout

Terry and his mom recently mentioned that they'd like to go fishing again and Terry's dad organized an outing for all of us. Yesterday after church the whole family went down to Canyon Lake Park for fried chicken and then fishing in the lake. It was very convenient since it's only minutes away from our place. And I didn't mind in the least that I had to stay home while Samuel napped. All I got done was sweeping the floor but that's okay with me.

Evie must have the magic touch because again, she was the only one to catch a fish. But this time, she did it entirely on her own! Well, I'm sure daddy put the worm on and cast it out there, but she reeled it in on her own! She was like, "I think I have a fish!", as she was reeling it. Daddy encouraged her to keep bringing it in and sure enough, when the line got close enough to see, a fish was flopping around on the end of it! It was at this point that she freaked out, backing away up the bank, and made daddy finish reeling for her.

This is at home after much convincing that it was okay to hold the fish (a good sized rainbow trout).

The fish was caught near the beginning of their time there so they had high hopes for catching more. That didn't happen. They came home a few hours later with just the one fish and daddy cleaned it up right away and grilled it in foil with butter and lemon juice (since I had no actual lemons). We had it with leftover cheese soup and it was delicious! Samuel ate most of it, the little stinker.

Here are a couple short videos from Terry's phone. They are in backwards order.

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