Tuesday, September 11, 2012

spiral water slide

Yesterday's weather was perhaps the hottest we are likely to get for a while (hopefully) so I insisted the kids swim in their little pool to enjoy it while they could. I began filling up their pool in the middle of the yard before I had the brainwave of filling it at the bottom of their tube slide. We had discovered earlier this summer that putting the hose at the top of the slide doesn't work since all the water seeps out from the seams of the slide. But Noah's wet bottom was enough to make the slide pretty fast.

They had a blast, despite what Evie looks like below. She can be a little timid about some things and was afraid to go too fast down the slide, which she had just done here.

I had another brainwave and got her a towel to sit on to slow her progress down the slide. That did the trick. She went down that thing more than Noah and kept going long after he wanted to go inside.

Safety and security = happy girl

When Samuel got up from his nap he joined in the fun as well. I snapped this shot at the perfect moment. After he sprayed himself he freaked out and dropped the hose, retreating to safer parts of the yard...

...At which point Noah picked up the hose and sprayed his belly ("look mom! i look like i'm peeing!") repeatedly, thinking it was the greatest thing ever. Boys.

Again with the silliness...

Perhaps that's why Samuel looked like this... Careful observation of the appropriate boy behavior that he'll tuck away for when he's big enough to be a goof like Noah.


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