Wednesday, September 26, 2012

turning city kids into ranch kids - 1

When we moved away to Nebraska five and a half years ago, one of the things Terry really missed was being able to help his dad on the ranch. He's got this ingrained ranch work ethic where he thinks if he doesn't spend nearly every minute of the day working hard on something, then it's not a good day. Perhaps that's a guy thing too. And perhaps I'm just lazy. But, well, I did grow up in the city and though my dad did have us work hard in the garden and doing wood, it's not quite the same. So now our kids are city kids and Terry (and I) want them to have valuable ranch life experience. It should get even more interesting if Grampa gets cows again!

So since we moved home in the spring, Terry's been wanting to get out to the ranch more often and "do stuff." He finally called his dad and we went out there last Friday morning. Grampa had a job that needed done - taking apart Terry and Shari's childhood fort in the rafters of the old barn. Let me just say, the kids were not excited about going up there.

But we made them. And we didn't listen to all the whining either. Time to get tough kids! 

I had to stay with a even crankier Samuel so I didn't get to see the filth up there. When Terry came down, he said he forgot how Shari and him used to throw cow pies up there to scare out the pigeons so Terry could shoot them and earn some money for his dad. So yeah, old cow pie dust.

After a while, the kids seemed to accept their fate and stopped complaining quite so much.

Don't let his cuteness deceive you. He's loud. Maybe when he learns to talk he'll yell less...

Grampa helped the kids to safely descend the ladder once Daddy came to the point of removing the last boards. 

The kids were all ready to go inside and watch a movie, but Grampa had them pick up rocks. They don't look real busy here though do they? 

After this I took Samuel and cousin baby Grace (who was being babysat) for a walk. I squished them both in the single stroller and set off in the wind. We got to the bridge and threw rocks in the scant creek and headed back for lunch. I wish I had remembered my phone to take a photo of the two of them sharing a seat. It was so cute. 

So who knows what our next project will be out at the ranch!

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