Saturday, September 15, 2012

harvest festival reminiscences & early bday celebrations

Today is September 15. My birthday is September 17. I turn 31. Seems much more significant than 30 did - I'm committed to my 30's now.

So today I can't help remembering that on this Saturday last year, it happened to be my 30th birthday and it was Gburg's Harvest Festival. So today I'm missing my Gburg peeps.

So yeah. Now Terry and the kids have left me all alone with a napping Samuel to go off and do some kind of special "surprise" which I'm not allowed to ask them about. What's a girl to do?

Write a reminiscence post and talk about the lamb chops I had last night (sorry for the bad cell photo pic). I love to eat.
Even though it's not my birthday yet, we went for a date night last night. I researched where I wanted to go after Terry suggested Ruby Tuesday. Can all my lady peeps agree with me that that sounds kinda boring?

I love you Terry.

I thought this newish place just on the edge of town, Dakotah Steakhouse, sounded nice - good combo of a large plate of meat for Terry and newness/freshness/taste for me. It was fantastic! Of course, mine was better than Terry's steak. I had my first ever lamb chops and they were outstanding. The menu says, "Panko rosemary-crusted lamb chops with apricot orange chutney." Whatever all that is, it was good. Excuse me while I go get something to eat since I just made myself really hungry...

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  1. Happy Birthday Eva!! Hope you feel celebrated and loved for the joy you bring to others.