Thursday, September 6, 2012

Terry's 34th

Oops. Did I just really title this post with my husband's age? Yup. I don't know what the big deal is with keeping your (or your husband's) age a secret. So there it is. Terry turned 34 on Labor Day. It was a pretty good day, aside from saying good bye to our visiting friends and not doing anything particularly special. He said he was perfectly happy with his day.

The morning of his birthday, we went with Shawn and Becki to get their new van. As we were preparing to walk out the door I sneakily asked Emily to help the kids make a card if she had the time. They did pretty well - all six of them made cards. Though I'm a fan of Noah's drawing (left and right upper corners), my favorite is the Star Trek card.

How great is that?! Captain Terry and a drawing of the Enterprise... Ha ha!

The afternoon was spent hanging out with Terry's family, reading the paper, relaxing, making cake, apple picking and playing Rook. We were pleased when Samuel voluntarily went to Grampa when called and hung out there for a while.

After some take-and-bake pizza (we didn't feel ready to fully appreciate the 2nd annual traditional birthday meal), I got the cake ready and we sung. Isn't is great how much kids love that song?

Terry's folks in an unfortunate orange haze of light that I just couldn't adjust any better than this.

Jesse and Grace made the cut, but Terry's sister Shari didn't. I think she was the one taking photos for me!

Enjoying angel food cake and ice cream (like my new gray curtains? i love them!).

The following day I made Terry's favorite: spiral sandwiches and cheese soup. I could not find my usual salami so I had to substitute and was kind of disappointed with the results. The sandwiches were still good, but not the best they used to be. Terry had no complaints. After all, he eats moldy bread ;P
Happy 34th Terry! I love your face!

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