Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ezra's 3rd birthday

Ezra turned a very big THREE on May 31, 2016!

He was awoken that morning, a Tuesday, by the traditional singing of the birthday song performed by the rest of the family. Now that he's three I think it's time for a twin bed...maybe. Cribs bars are actually good for this punk.

We didn't have time that morning to make a special breakfast so after daddy went to work we all went to the donut shop.

Nom nom nom 

Next, we went to Storybook Island for the first time of the season since it had just opened that weekend.  

It's always good to come here, though I do miss the merry-go-round that used to be where this sand is. 

It was also my brother's birthday (31) so I sent him a face scrunch happy birthday picture. 

I loved this thing as a kid. Pretty sure we bounced it so hard it nearly broke, wild little punks that we were back then. 

Not my Noah's Ark. 

I don't know why I used to think this slide was so fun when I was little. It's so short! 

"Mommy take our picture with the puppies!" 

"I a astronaut mommy," said Samuel. 

"Get in front of the whale. No, not inside it, in front of it. Come into the light." There.

That afternoon I made Ezra's chocolate cake but since I used a different baking powder, the cakes totally bubbled over into my oven. What a mess. Thankfully they tasted fine, and looked fine once frosted. 

We put off Ezra's birthday party that evening because we found out our new friend, Josh, had been tragically killed that morning. Josh was going to be running the half marathon at the same time we did. Terribly sad, tough, and heart breaking.

So the following night we celebrated Ezra.

Three candles.  

Almost got them... 

The best cake ever! 


Who would've thought some peanut "M's M's" could make a boys so happy. 

His very own little Lego tractor. 

Everyone watching with bated breath. 

A puppy monster truck! Actually, it broke several days later and we exchanged it for a jumping monster truck. Happy birthday Ezra, Dwidge, my little baby. We love you!

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