Wednesday, June 8, 2016

track and field day 2016

On Friday, May 13, 2016, Noah and Evie competed in their first ever Track and Field Day. All the private Christian schools and homeschools can compete. We had practiced their events a couple weeks beforehand and were as ready as a fifth and second grader needed to be. 

Noah ran the mile and improved his time by well over a minute.

This cracks me up. He was waving but he looks super annoyed. 

Terry was a line judge and timed Noah. It usually took him 9:30 but with the competition of the boys surrounding him he did it in 7:53! He placed seventh in his heat. Those little boys can run fast already!

The weather was terrible for being outside all day. It was probably in the 40s and extremely windy so it felt literally freezing. Terry didn't bring a coat so he was worse off than us, especially because he was stuck at the finish line from 8am to 2pm. 

Next Noah did his long jump and got fifth place.

We watched Evie do her 200 and 75 meter sprints. She came in first place for both races! 

Of course she was pretty psyched.  

Samuel and Ezra were busy entertaining themselves by climbing... 



And rolling!

Evie was busy acting and looking silly while waiting for her turn on the long jump. 

She got third place. 

 Noah's last event was the 100 meter dash in which he placed 7th.

Noah and Evie were done by 1 or 130 and we booked it out of there since we were so cold. On our way home I swerved over to Armadillos after I saw they had Strawberry Butter flavored sherbet that day. We definitely deserved a reward. 

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