Wednesday, June 8, 2016

interstate van breakdown

We've had our van since 2008 (Evie was just a baby!) after I had crashed our original van into the back of a semi. I kind of forgot about that. That was terribly embarrassing. And yet I'm bringing it up eight years later... Anyway, we acquired our gold van just a few days after I crashed our silver one. It felt like an act of God to get that van. It was dirt cheap and in wonderful condition. I remember feeling like I didn't deserve it since it had been my own dumb fault that we needed a new one in the first place.

 All this to say, in all that time it's been just a great van that hasn't given us any serious problems. That is, until it gave out on me on the interstate a month ago! 

The kids had begged to go to Target to spend some of their poop scoop money. This was after the whole transgender thing and I should have said no, but didn't. On our way home via the interstate, the van's power steering went out and shortly after the temperature gauge went to the red. I pulled over to the left shoulder, not even having time to get the to right hand side. I was on the phone with Terry and he was going to come to my rescue right away. A state trooper found me immediately and helped us out. It was scary just sitting there on the wrong side shoulder while people barreled along at 60mph. The kids didn't seem worried though!

I joked that God was judging me for going to Target. Joking! In fact, God took very good care of us. Terry "randomly" had the Envoy with him at work that day since he was getting his bike fixed and needed to haul it with that (he doesn't usually ever drive that). I had also suggested he do lunch or biking with a youth leader but it didn't work out. It was a good thing too or else who knows if he would have heard my call or been able to come and help. 

 But help he did. I had to steer while he pulled me to the next exit and into the ShopKo parking lot. That part was the most nerve-racking of the entire experience. Apparently I did well though.

Turns out it was a simple fix - it was only the serpentine belt! Terry and our friend Seth had it fixed after work in no time.  

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