Sunday, June 12, 2016

my sister visit to Washington - day 3

After a busy first day sight seeing up the coast, we camped in La Push with the werewolves from Twilight. The following morning we drove down to the beach for just a few minutes. It was cold and foggy but we did see many bald eagles. 

After gassing up we passed this funny little tourist cabin based off of Twilight.

I thought this sign was so funny and lame. 

He he he 

We followed Highway 101 east along the Olympic National Park to Sol Duc Falls. After about a mile hike we arrived. Very pretty. 

From behind the falls.

Steph gave me selfie pointers. Much better. Hey, I wanted pictures of myself from my vacation! :P 

Steph took my picture from the bridge and I took hers from the waterfall. 

Her picture of me.

Steph took a good picture of the both of us. She thought my hair was so silly and it made her laugh but I liked it. 

We left the falls, walked back down the path a ways, crossed the fence and found the Instagram shot of the waterfall Steph had seen before. 

It was too narrow and dangerous for both of us to get in the shot. I looked kind of lame but Steph looked good. Nice Stephanie smile. 

We passed this little waterfall on our way out. So much moss! 

We headed back out to the 101 and completed our long drive along Lake Crescent, which is huge. Our breakfast had been small so we stopped along the highway and made ourselves some sandwiches. 

Shortly thereafter we pulled off the highway to the south to see the Elwah River which Steph had wanted to see since it had once been dammed but was no longer. 

I climbed up on the edge of this huge empty tree stump on our way up to Madison Falls. 

Madison Falls was only a tenth of a mile up the trail and was just okay. We had just seen a much more impressive waterfall :) 

We got back on the 101 only to take a left towards Tongue Point on the coast, near Port Angeles. There was a nice little campground nestled there which Steph ensured me she and Steve would be back to stay at. It was just beautiful there. The water to the right extends over the Strait of Juan de Fuca which separates America from Canada. 

Steph coming towards me to look out at the ocean.  

There was this gorgeous little bay and island to the west of Tongue Point. It was so pretty there! The water was beautifully clear and appeared pretty shallow.  

Steph took my picture inside of a little sea cave while we were exploring tide pools. The tide was coming in so it was a bit difficult to see much.

And I took her photo. 

There was a little trail that went around the bay that we followed before heading out. It would be so fun to go down there with kids for the day and play on the beach. 

Next we drove down the 101 along the Hood Canal towards home. We made two more stops, the first at a rhododendron nursery and the second at a hobby farm with baby animals. My selfie skills were declining as the day went on. We were pretty tired. 

Steph with the orange rhodies. 

They're huge! 

Steph under a funny cotton candy like tree. 

They nearly matched my shirt. 


Baby bunnies! Shortly after this stop we ate at Panara Bread and went home. We had driven between 300-400 miles in the last two days and we were tired.

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