Saturday, June 18, 2016

Great Gramma's 93rd bday

Terry has a very large family on his dad's side since Jerry was one of eight siblings. For his mom's 93rd birthday, or Great Gramma, as we call her, much of the family came together to celebrate. They rented the space where Jerry and Shari's church, Hillsview, meets so we could all fit. It's a pity I didn't get a picture of Great Gramma and only took this one of the kids playing musical chairs. Evie almost won!

The kids desperately wanted to swim in the hotel's pool and since we had had a busy weekend, we went for it.

Noah got to play with his second cousin Gabe. 


Panoramic of the pool. 

Terry took turns throwing the ball to all the kids who tried to catch it mid-jump. Gabe... 


Evie, who looks like she's sitting in the air... 

...and Terry who apparently missed, or the ball missed him.

Nearly all the rest of the little cousins joined us and it was quite crowded and chaotic. Here's Grace and Ezra. 

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