Wednesday, April 12, 2017

D2S 2017 day 1, biking, kiting

Friday March 24 was the final Dare2share (Terry's 10th!) and I decided not to go. Last year Terry came down with a nasty bout of the flu that lasted two weeks. It's just so hard to go nonstop all weekend and both of us have an empty tank when there are four excited little people all scrambling for attention that we're too tired to give. Therefore, I stayed home. But when they were all loading up I was a bit sad and regretful that I wasn't going too. It was a lot of our senior's last year too. So I decided to start a new texting thread with all the Parkview girls like at Lead The Cause last summer so we could stay in touch. This was the first photo I sent to them all.

One of the first I got back from Katrina and Amy.

Mia and Natasha

Jazmin and Kiley

Natasha requesting help. 

I think Jaz did this. HA! 

Terry took this though. He he he!

While they were all driving the seven hours to Denver, Denise and I did a very quick bike ride over M Hill. 

Just about to start Sunclimb. 

Taken after Denise conquered a huge rock climb that I'm nowhere near capable of. Ha ha. 

The first signs of spring - the South Dakota state flower, the Pasque flower.  

After lunch I loaded up the kids and we went searching for the Stratobowl hike. I texted this photo of the parking lot just off highway 16 to some youth who I knew had been there before. They confirmed I was at the correct place.

Off we went!

Finally found it! I was still worried I wasn't in the right place until it was unmistakable. 

There it is! Unmistakable. 

The kids wandered over to the proper viewing area.  

Evie read about the hot air balloons flown from here. 

Line up you punks! 

More signs of spring! 

The thinned trees and logging road was what confused me about the hike. It was fun to watch on the way back but in the end we had to go around. 

After our hike (only about two miles) we went to my parents house for the pizza night we had prearranged. Dad also wanted to show us his new kite out at the park. 

It's always windy out there but surprisingly, this day there wasn't much. 

Samuel was the only one very interested so we climbed the little hill and had more luck up higher. 

Once they got the kite up high enough it was so adorable how they laid down on the grass together.

From behind. 

Samuel's cute little face! 

He put this grass in his mouth all by himself. So cute! 

Like I mentioned in my last post, we're doing a month long gluten and dairy free diet for Samuel. My mom made him a gluten free crust. It looks so sad without cheese but he liked it.

Back to D2S, the evening started at 7 and got done at 10. Here's Kiley, Sierra, and Gabe.

Jaz, Zeb, Kendra, Zoe, Natasha, Amy, Katrina, and Annaka. There were more photos from Terry but this post is already too long!  

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