Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Moldova Menagerie

On Sunday April 2nd, a couple days after Evie's birthday, the team that's going on a summer mission trip to Moldova put on a fundraiser variety show called Moldova Menagerie. The night was similar to the dinner theater fundraiser that Terry's team did two years ago. I'm a little biased, but I thought Terry's performance was best :D

There was also a dessert auction meant to raise funds for the trip, and to help care for the orphans in Moldova. I stepped out on a limb and made a new strawberry pie. It was supposed to be a "fancy" dessert so I did the best I could. I got the idea from an apple pie my mom and I made for the Christmas of 2009

The strawberry pie turned out wonderful! Lauralee, who won the bid, gave me the last two pieces since their table had like two or three other desserts. Therefore, Terry and I were actually able to try it and it was delicious (thank goodness!).

There were many other more impressive desserts though, like this cake and those sugar cookies!

Noah got to sit alone at a table with his friends, Jack, Moses, and Gage.

It was a packed house! 

Todd and Frannie were the evening's emcees.  

There was also some artwork up for bidding. We ended up winning the lion painting! 

I hung it up in the school room and it goes quite well with the orange walls.

The first act was some friends in a little skit called Is It Time Yet?

I have always said that Todd was meant to be a game show host. He finally got his chance that evening. They both did fantastic. 

The S. family plus Henry.  

Leah recited a poem about Heros that she won an award for. 

Josh performed his sweet unicycling stunts. 

He even jumped over three people. 

Asher, Elle, and Dana performed a cute little piano number. 

Sarah wrote this little play to illustrate the Parable of the Seeds. Ed is Satan flying around to steal seeds. 

He cracked me up. 

Three little seedlings coming up. 

They've emerged! 

But Satan comes to steal the Word away. 

The pressures of life also crowd out the seed, Natasha with those crap girl magazines. 

Kristen is offering money. 

But the seed that falls in the good soil endures. 

It produces much fruit. 

After a short intermission where people haggled over bids, the pies and artwork were awarded. 

Members of the team delivered them to the winners where they were shared with the table. 

Ed read the story You Are Special. 


Siblings Martin and Yanga teamed up with two friends to perform some African music. It was so fun!

Noah is usually easily embarrassed, but not that night with his wingman Jack. They were dancing in front of the whole church! 

They cracked me up. 

This group of kids was also dancing.  

Terry and Tim performed their skit called "Nanderdan," something he learned from his good high school friend Joel. They originally put it on together in Macau, China in like 1999 on one of Terry's first mission trips. 

 "Nanderdan from a foreign land has come to ask for the princess's hand."

"What does he offer?" 

"Land, horses, and riches galore."
"It's not enough."
"I must have her!" And he mistakenly kills the princess.

One more time. Nanderdan looks constipated. HA HA HA! 

"I must have her!" Kill the butler.

Kill the king.

Kill the queen. 

Don't kill the princess the second time!

Andrew played his ukulele.  

Next up was "Tijuana Brass" performing All Hail the Power of Jesus Name.

And finally, The Support Group, with their ridiculous phobias.  

Flowers for Sarah who again put on such a wonderful show! 

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