Tuesday, May 12, 2015

dinner theater fundraiser

Like I mentioned back in February and a couple times since, Terry is taking a group of students and parents to Mexico and L.A. this summer for a mission trip. Trips take a lot of money, especially when there's so many people going (approx 20?)! They already sent out support letters, did a brown bag fundraiser in the foyer of the church and then a chili feed at church, actually in the same foyer. Ha! 

But they wanted to make sure it was enough, so one fantastic parent, Sarah, took on the burden of completely organizing a dinner theater fundraiser since Terry wouldn't be able to do that. She chose the play, gave out parts, prepared a set, organized practices as well as all the dinner supplies plus a hundred other things I am sure. Phew! Talk about a lot of work. Did I mention how she's amazing? Well, you got that didn't you.

And it all went off without a hitch (didn't even spill any spaghetti despite having that happen with a crockpot full of chili at the chili feed - yikes! haha). In fact, I heard that it was their best performance comparative to all of their practices, which were numerous. It was a great show! Everyone did fantastic! 

Sarah chose a play called The Conundrum on the Crackerjack Cruise which was about a crime committed aboard a cruise ship. The audience had to determine who, of the cast members, committed the crime. It was tricky though since all of them had legitimate cause. Terry was the captain of the cruise ship. He had to be in character all night so when I tried to kiss him he said he was married to someone else. The nerve! The other characters were great too, but I'm partial to my captain.

Noah and Evie are sitting on the left-most table of the cruise ship with Grampa B, who came to support his son the captain. 

And here is the other side of the ship. There were just over 200 people in attendance.

Here's the captain schmoozing some folks, one of which is a co-worker of mine, Kathy.

Jana and her "grand daughter" and actual daughter Mia. Jana's usually particularly friendly, but not this night. She was very proud and dramatic. 

And a view of the stage

The play started out with the captain going over a few details with Prae, the one otherwise in charge of the ship. 

After a brief first act, dinner was served. The seas were rough that night. Evie and her friend were thrown out of their seats!

I think the captain had been overworked. Needed a break or something. Or he had to pretend he was bored at our table. 

Don't think he appreciated these random kids stealing his hat and making goofy faces. Don't know where they learned that... 

This one is exceptionally goofy. 

I thought this was one of the best parts of the play - Terry trying to get a selfie with Jana's rare pink diamond ring. Ha! 

After the second act there were two games with audience participation. The Imitation Game: 
Tarzan, if you can't tell. Hilarious.

And The Dating Game. 

Frannie always wanted to play The Dating Game and that night her dream came true. Todd even said she had no flaws :) 

The couples discussing something... 

I got a hoot out of David and Silas changing scenes. "Pay no attention to us." 

This was also a highlight: Jana freaking out because her diamond ring had been stolen! 

The horror! 

At the end of that act the cast lined up for questions meant to help the audience figure out who dun it. Evie misunderstood. She went up there and said who she thought stole the ring - Jack.  

Also adorable was when Sarah's dad, a lawyer, came on stage and accused her. 

It appeared Evie was right, Jack did it. Paul, Terry's supposed better looking brother the detective, is taking the suspect away. 

But Jana can't hold it in anymore... 

She stole her own ring! Natasha's face is just gold. 

And there you have it. It was a splendid evening! Great job team! Have fun in Mexico (sob)!

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