Sunday, May 24, 2015

swimming with friends

A few weeks ago we had some missionary friends visiting, Klodi and Megina. The last thing we did together was to go swimming at Terry's co-worker's condo pool. We had all of our kids along with another family as well so they had quite fun time. Thankfully no one drowned. Though Evie did have a scary moment where she lost her floaty and was floundering a bit until another kid helped her. I was nearly in the pool though, fully clothed. I had one foot in, up to my shin, ready to rescue her. When my kids are in the water I am just so freaked out and can't hardly enjoy myself. That scares me about more than anything else.

I guess I forgot to take any pictures except for Terry taking Ezra under the little waterfall in the pool. 

He was totally freaked out at first but eventually enjoyed himself.

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