Thursday, May 14, 2015

2015 awana awards

The close of this year of Awana was our third. Weird. It seems like a lot longer than that. 

Noah and Evie began back in 2011/2012 when we were still in Gburg and Evie just such a cute little Cubbie. Goodness they've grown.

2012/2013 was the year Noah received the Honor Awards for Sparks and Evie completed Cubbies. 

2013/2014 was last year Evie's first year of Sparks and Noah's of Truth and Training.

This year I had only Ezra in the nursery, which was nice. Samuel got to go into Cubbies and I felt a little bad for that since he's not the best talker. He's come a long way, as many have told me, but we didn't really worry about him memorizing verses. Somehow he managed though :)

He seems a little confused as to why in the world he's on stage... Well, I guess they all do! Ha!

Samuel received his award and appears to be thinking, "What the heck is this?"

The look of one who is so disappointed. No, no. Just kidding. He's just got his serious face on. 

He perked up once the applause began :) 

Evie did very well for her second year in Sparks. She finished two books. 

Those bangs are finally starting to grow out (she cut them last November), but now they're in her eyes all the time. 

Noah completed two books as well, for Truth and Training. Since he was catching up to 4th grade this year, I don't know if he'll have time to do every single book... We'll see.  He did very well though. Memorizing comes so easy for him. 

He was super excited (though you can't tell) to get this extra special Excellence award for doing the two books. Evie was disappointed but hopefully she'll get one next year. 

The group of them. Terry took pictures for me... Hehehe 

"What? Take photos? But I need to examine my pin and only have two hands. Oh yeah, I guess I do have a chin..."

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