Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Noah and Evie's first piano recital

As I alluded to in Noah's birthday post (and then forgot about), Noah and Evie had their very first piano recital on his 10th birthday, April 1. 

Noah and Evie began lessons last August and have come a long way. Of course, I never played the piano (but I did play the clarinet) and have always thought it looked intimidating. How can you do two different things with your hands at the same time?! It makes my brain hurt. Therefore, it must be good for my kids' brains. 

Evie was so excited for the recital. When I told her it would take place at church, she forgot that I also said it wouldn't be until the afternoon. During church, after worship time was over, Evie thought it was her turn to play and just about marched up to the stage to perform her song in front of the entire church. She was totally ready to go too!

After we had a birthday lunch at McDonald's, we went back to the church and put Ezra to "nap" in the nursery (no idea if he actually did though). Noah and Evie went into the sanctuary to practice one last time. When I was reviewing the videos Terry took of that day, I cracked up quite a bit at this video of the kids' interpretive dancing to someone else's practicing.

Finally the time drew near for the recital to begin. Just about every single member of our family in town came. That was heart warming. 

First up was Evie. Someone who could see Evie waiting in the side room for her turn told me how when she got up to perform, she took this huge deep breath and then walked off purposefully. She did great. 

We had to wait until afterwards to take photos.

Noah went a little while later and also did wonderfully, of course. He plays very forcefully, as a lot of boys do, I'm told. I loved his song.  

He looks so grown up!

There was a small reception afterward that I lamely took one awkward photo of. Sorry guys. And then we were off to have a birthday party before Terry had to leave for a dinner theater practice
Left to right: Asher and fellow dancer, Noah, Terry, Russ and Evie.

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