Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Samuel's last day of preschool 2015

On Thursday, May 14th, Samuel completed his first full year of Communication Preschool (he had done a month at the end of last year as well). His schedule was light - Tuesdays and Thursday from 8-925am - but he did have homework to help him with his speech. We all just loved his teacher, Kim, but sadly, she retired this year. I've heard from probably like five people who either had her as a teacher or their kids did, and we all agree, she is amazing. Driving away with Samuel that day, I definitely had a downcast heart. She could make anyone smile. I hope next year will go okay. 

Here is Samuel on the first day of school last fall, August 26th.

And again on the last day of school. He's still wearing the same shoes, but those jeans are way too short for him now. 

And here is his happy little Samuel sized robot backpack used to haul around his notebook.

Again, here is the first day of school. He definitely looks a lot younger here to me. Before and afters are so fun.  

And this was about a month before school ended when he was checking out the caterpillars that would become butterflies. The shorter haircut makes him look older, but still, he's matured. 

Here's the notebook I mentioned.

 Yeah, it's rather large. Jam packed with speech related games and exercises.

One of his favorites is The Three Bears. With these little pieces he is supposed to tell us the story. He prefers me to read the story of course, but I hope either way he's learning. And I think he has come a long way this year. He still has a ways to go, but I'm hopeful he will be ready for Kindergarden after 3 times a week preschool next year.  

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