Thursday, May 14, 2015

first swim of the season

Two weekends ago we had some beautiful weather for Terry's day off. Terry and I started the day off right by working out (I have since fallen off the wagon) and then got started outside working on some projects. We picnicked on the back deck. Why so serious Noah?

The kids, mostly Evie, begged us to let them fill up the new swimming pool. I didn't think it was quite nice enough for that kind of thing (70 or so) but the persistent widow convinced us in the end. Very ice cold water! Samuel's about to jump out.

Ezzie was so cute with that hose. 

Ez quickly lost interest in the hose however and wanted in on the real fun. Terry'd let him in for a bit and then Ez would want out.  

It was super duper cold. Yeah, Ez is feeling that. 

But every time he went back in he became more accustomed to it. Then he started sitting down! 

By the time that happened it was just time to take off his clothes and let him go for it. He stayed in the water the longest of any of the kids and plopped into it over and over. 

I only let him play for about ten minutes before I took him into to get dried off and ready for a nap. He had so much fun though. Plus, the pool kept the rest of the kids busy while Terry and I were working on the planting my hydrangeas.

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