Wednesday, May 6, 2015

five swings

Terry's folks got this playset for the kids' birthdays back in Nebraska of 2011 when Samuel was still a wee little one. We hauled it all the way back to Rapid when we moved and then it sat on the trailer until we finally found a house and were able to set it up. And there it's stayed. But then Ezra came along and there weren't enough swings for all four kids. And then Evie was swinging a couple weeks ago when one of the top supporting boards cracked. We were down to only two swings.

Since it was no longer safe and he'd been thinking about adding swings for a while, Terry bought the necessary extra boards and tools to extend the swing set. 

He got to work the same day I was prepping the front flower bed for planting. It might have taken him longer to take the thing apart than to extend it. He had it mostly completed that same day! Yeah, it's huge now.

A few days later he added more hardware to the last two swings and we're good to go. Now, no jokes about having another kid since we have the room on the swing set! 

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