Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Evie's pictures

The kids love to take pictures like their mama but most of the time I say no, afraid for the camera. I used to let Noah do this all the time but got out of the habit. A couple weeks ago I said yes to Evie. 

She captured Noah doodling on his birthday Boogie Board

Samuel always is wherever Evie is. Probably all she had to do was turn around to take this photo of him.

She is the only one who draws on the chalkboard by the front door. She did this for her birthday so it was a bit old. After this she made a sign that said "Welcame to bibel studea" for our Monday night study. I should have taken a picture.  

Fish lips! Back when Spark was suffering in his bowl

I love her selfies :) 

Then she asked Noah to take her picture. Pretty girl. She is getting big. 

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