Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 2015 spring blizzard

It's more than halfway through May and yet right now it's starting to snow at our house. And that's nothing compared to two weekends ago when we received approximately 13-14 inches of snow. Whatever happened to the 70-80 degree temperatures we were having back in February?? 

That Sunday was Mother's Day. This is what we woke up to...

The day before I had worked at the clinic. There were all sorts of warnings about the anticipated huge spring snow storm so I took precautions by taking the Envoy with it's 4 wheel drive. However, there was no need. It only looked like this all day.

By 6 o'clock that evening it was supposed to start snowing in earnest, but it hadn't done much even by 8pm when I took this photo. I was wondering if the storm would miss us...

Since church had been cancelled for the morning, I was actually glad to see all that forecasted snow dumped on our back deck the following morning. Very wet, thick stuff too.

I woke up early that Mother's Day with some pretty nasty nausea. No, not pregnancy related because we are done. I don't know what the deal was, but I threw up later in the morning and spent most of the day laying down watching Alias on Netflix. I guess I was kind of thankful for the snow so Terry could be home and take care of the kiddies. 

After snapping a couple photos for the blog I laid back down and the kids brought me their cards. Noah loves me a trillion times.

Evie loves me Sooper Booper much because I make her food.

 So yeah, this was the back before anyone had gone out. 

Lots of snow on the Envoy. Though the roads were all pretty buried, it was so slushy that it didn't seem impossible to get out. Plus the ground was warm and the temps were rising. Things were melting already. 

These pictures are taken from our bedroom, which is on the second level of the house, about 20-25 feet above the ground. This is looking southeast towards our neighbor's yard and the National Guard land beyond the fence.

And here is the same shot just over 24 hours later. Crazy spring weather! 

The trampoline was quite weighted down with that heavy snow. 

Terry likes to clear a path for short Snap dog. 

And again, just over  a day later it was mostly gone except for the big piles.

Here you can see the Hills and blustery snow beyond our neighbor's yard. 
Terry and the kids spent a lot of time outside that morning. They are in the back corner of the yard, the top of our "hill." They were making snow ramp.

Noah is going down the ramp. 

Here is a short video of Noah going down.

Samuel is going down backwards on his knees.

Here's Samuel's run.

Evie going down on the little green sled.

And here is Evie's version of a penguin :)

Of course my poor hydrangeas couldn't survive the freezing temperatures overnight, nor the weight of the snow. So Terry rigged up a frame with his ladder and covered them with several tarps. Not so pretty much very effective... 

They survived! Now, a week and a half later, they are covered up again due to the storm we are getting, but they have been looking good.

Terry buried Samuel and Evie later in the day. They were so soaking wet. It was like they had been playing in rain puddles.

The next day I was feeling all better, thankfully, and wanted to shop for my mom's mother's day gift - some flowers and rhubarb from before the snow came to crush our plant. When we came out of Safeway, I thought the snow on Dinosaur Hill was pretty.

My folks watch baby Theo and we were able to snuggle him up. He's so stinking cute! Ah! 

I hope that storm was the last time we will be needing the snow boots and pants for a while. They're put away now in hopes...

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