Thursday, April 13, 2017

D2S 2017 day 2 & 3, biking, calves

Like I mentioned in my last post, I decided not to accompany Terry and the students to Dare2share this final year. They had more than enough leaders and had a great time. It was a wonderful conference from all I've heard, the best one in memory. 

I didn't sleep that great with Terry gone and so was up early to catch the sunrise and send a picture of it to the girls. They were all a bit tired that morning (because they stay up past midnight and get up early) so I didn't hear much from them until that evening. The kids and I were able to talk to Terry more than usual during the weekend though and that was nice. 

Jazmin or Kendra sent me this photo on their way to lunch I believe. I love it.

After lunch at nearby places like Chipotle, the groups drove to Red Rocks just like last year. Whoops, I neglected to mention that the churches who went all together included Parkview, South Canyon, and some newbies from Crossroads Wesleyan. Again the weather was warm and since it was a Saturday, the place with packed with exercisers and tons of people wandering around with their dogs. I believe every student engaged a stranger in a spiritual conversation and shared the gospel. Below is Mia and Annaka. 

Kendra, Zoe, Kiley, and Sierra. 

Terry didn't have me for this selfie this year :) 

And here's the whole group. I'm not sure if the Crossroads students are included or not but for sure the Parkview and South Canyon people are.

Terry had a whole series of group photos and when he got home he showed me how he discovered Kendra flipping her hair out of her face in one of them. HA HA! 

I think Jaz sent me this one as well. Or one of the three of them did!

Meanwhile that afternoon I went biking again! My dad came over to babysit so I could be gone for longer. I'll tell you what, that is the way to stay behind from a trip Terry takes. This was the first time I stayed with the kids where I didn't have a baby and it's much easier without a baby. We could do more things out of the house instead of staying home and going out of our minds, well, out of my mind. Biking really helped too.  

Denise, Mary, Kyle, Lindsey, and I went to Storm Mountain and did the Technical Loop, something I had never done before. I liked our silly picture best. 

I can't remember what we did that evening, leftovers and a movie I think, but Terry and the students had their customary debriefing over pizza. I definitely missed that pizza!

Oh yeah, we went for a walk. I discovered a little switch like this keeps Luna from pulling so hard on the leash (she's pulled so hard she made herself throw up before). Just one little flick from it learned her. She's doing excellent even without a switch now.  

Baths for all that night. 

When I was getting ready for bed I sent Kendra a funny picture of myself because she had asked the night before. But before I knew it, Jazmin had the picture! Oh, the betrayal!

We proceeded to have an all out war of silly pictures.

Or they did and I pulled faces like this. 

Zoe's expression! 

Riiiiight. We went silly videos back and forth and then I sent a picture of myself pretending to sleep. But then I couldn't fall asleep for real! Grrr. 

The next day the kids and I went to the early service so we could go to the ranch afterwards. We hadn't been there in months and they were calving. It was Luna's first ranch visit! We told her all about how it was Snap's favorite place. 

Like every year, I was hoping we could see a calf born, but no such luck, like always. One or two came right after we left though! I think this was the mama who had twins. 

We left after a few hours when Terry arrived at the church. It had rained that day so we had to drive home on the muddy and sketchy gravel road. I totally fish tailed a couple times and it was scary. We made it home to Terry safe and sound though. It ended up being a good weekend for both of us. 

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