Thursday, March 2, 2017

random February pics

I got a little ahead of myself with my last post, forgetting about these random photos.

 This one of the back yard with fresh snow is from before the February thaw. It's hard to tell but there is probably about a foot of snow there! Since then it's all melted, snowed four more inches, and is currently on the way out again.

Terry ordered us our first electric pencil sharpener. This is huge for us. Before we had been using my gramma's ancient (literally) vacuum mounted crank sharpener. It would never suction to the table well enough and Noah would end up pounded it and losing his temper because he couldn't get his pencil sharpened. We were all rather excited about it. What can I say? We know how to party in this house.

Jazmin's parents offered to take our kids for a night. So generous and kind of them! They kept joking that they couldn't wait to have some B---s (last name). Ha! Terry and I went to The Gyro Hub and then rented a movie, the new Bourne one. The next morning Jaz sent me this, after some trouble getting the kids into in one place.

I reciprocated by sending her this picture from my view in bed, where I stayed until Terry brought the kids home late that morning.

Every few weeks Terry's mom has a Sunday off from work and they stop by after church. Luna goes nuts for any company. Here she was attempting to climb Alice's back!

After they left we went for a family walk since it was starting to get nice outside. Terry has been working on getting Luna trained to Sit, Stay, Come, and walk on the leash. She's doing great except since we had the kids with us, she pulled on the leash so hard it was obstructing her breathing (not that it slowed her down), and she made herself throw up! Dumb dog. She is just crazy about the kids.

She's so cute though.

Here is an example of Terry training Luna.

My mom gifted me some rootlings of her Wandering Jew plant that I love. It was tiny when we gave it to me like a month or two ago and has seriously taken off in growth. Finally a house plant I haven't killed (like the last plant she gave me)!

Our friends Todd and Frannie were featured in a local magazine. I don't want to forget!

The article was adorable, all about how they met and their jobs that led them to homeschooling, of which Todd took over this year.

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