Friday, March 24, 2017

Luna being cute, van mishap

Nearly a month ago we had a night off from Awana so after eating a special dinner with daddy and his Youth Group leaders, we hung out at my parents house for a while. It was the first time since the day we brought Luna home that she had been around another dog, specifically Bo, my dad's dog. There were a few tense moments but after she smelled each other's butts sufficiently they were friends. Poor Bo is getting very old though. He can hardly walk up and down the stairs anymore, has gained weight, and breathes so heavily all the time.

For several days Luna had been coming into the house with her front paws and face all muddy. After cleaning her off one nice day I took a look around for any kind of holes in the yard. Turns out Luna had been digging up what was left of last fall's carrots to eat them! She might have been in a growth spurt and was extra hungry because she seemed to grow a ton after this.

Evie asked me to take a picture of Luna and I did because she's so cute! 

One Saturday after talking to my sister for like an hour and a half I came downstairs to see Luna keeping a napping Terry company. 

Yeah, so I had a mishap with the van... Notice how I slipped this story in with innocent pictures of Luna to throw people off? Yeah, this is NOT something I'm proud of. The day this happened I purposely drove the Envoy afterwards so the youth leaders wouldn't see what I'd done. I sent Terry several funny gif's all about how ashamed I was and they all thought it (the gif's) was hilarious. I was so embarrassed though.

I had had a bad day with the kids and was all stressed out but still somehow decided the kids had to have new books. I had the thought many times that I shouldn't go because I was just too upset. We made it through searching, checking out, and loading up without me losing it completely. However, when I went to back up from my parking spot under the sort of garage under the library, I rammed into the pillar/column on my right side. I cranked the wheel left and missed the pillar, didn't see it at all, and scraped the passenger door right against it. Darn it! Curses! I stinking knew I shouldn't have gone to the library that day. In my defense the pillar was nearly in my blind spot, very awkward placement, and I definitely wasn't the first person who had done that. Just this last week we were back to the library and I made sure to park in between two pillars with an extra parking space on either side of me. But you know what went wrong that day? I stinking forgot my keys in the van! The library is cursed for me!!!

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