Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Culvers and M Hill

The week after our Deerfield Trail hike and walk abound Canyon Lake, the weather continued to be gorgeous for February. Not content to stay inside, I succumbed to an early spring fever and we skipped away into the sun. 

After we finished school we headed to Culvers with Natasha. She was doing an experiment for school wherein she posited the younger the child and the younger the server, the more ice cream would be dispensed. She was sort of right. How could we say no to participating?!

Ezra certainly couldn't say no.

Afterwards we drove over to M Hill and did a little one mile hike. It would've been much more beautiful with actual green to look at but the warm sun was delicious. Oh, and several people have noted how tall Noah appears in this photo. Surely he is tall but here he was standing on the higher corner of the rock.

Throwing rocks and watching some fly fisherman. 

We saw an "interesting" and educational sight between two other, I mean hikers, but we just kept on going, higher and higher.

I did not want to go home, even though my kids did. I made them play by the creek before we simply had to go so Ezra could visit a bathroom. Bring on the spring and summer!!  

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