Friday, March 24, 2017

Evie's list, Evie's cakes, sick Evie

Nearly four weeks ago now, Evie started to get more heavily into her to-do lists. Even now she's done one every day for several in a row. She's won't do anything unless she first writes it down so she can have the satisfaction of crossing it off.  It's so funny to me because I'm just not like that at all. Anymore I prefer to just coast along and make plans at the last minute. Anyway, I happened to take a look at this particular list and burst out laughing. She's so desperate to cross things off that she included things like Finish this list, Be bored, Burp, Go to the restroom five times, Poop, and Fart. 

Later that same day, Noah and I returned from his Classical Conversations Essentials class to find the deck decorated with approximately 117 snow cubes. 

When we had left, Evie and the littles were just heading outside to play in the snow. Grampa let them stay out there until she was all done with her "cake shop" made by a square ice cream bucket. Yes, apparently those cubes are little cakes. 

Ezra contributed by filling a cup with dirty water from the downspout and pouring it on as many cakes as he could.  

The following weekend Evie had caught a cold and was all downcast about it. I had her sit on my lap and cuddle to cheer her up and snapped this rather pitiful profile of her moping.

She appeared even more dejected when she attempted a smile. Awwwww. 

We looked as all the funny pictures on my phone and then snuggled with Luna. That cheered her up for real. 

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