Saturday, March 25, 2017

boats and hikes

Just two days after my cold walk with Luna, the weather was back to being beautifully spring like and Terry decided to take the old Chrysler New Yorker boat to church for youth group. It was two Wednesdays ago and was the first time it had been driven that far since Christmas Eve. The dash vents still don't work despite Terry replacing the blow motor and removing a ton of nasty mouse nests inside, but at least it wasn't freezing cold winter anymore. He could cruise with the windows down to cut back on the terrible stench inside.

Due to the gorgeous weather I took the kids on a walk nearly a mile down the road to the nearby City Springs park. After playing on the playground for a while, I led the kids to the northeast where I discovered a hiking path that led up to the water town tub thing behind them, pictured below.

It was a very short climb, but worth it. I love being outside and the kids will appreciate it someday. At the time they did some complaining. 

Throwing rocks. 

"Samuel get away from the edge right now! Okay time to go." 

Selfie smelfie. 

Heading down the other way. 

Meanwhile at work, they discovered that Paul had also recently acquired his grampa's huge (less) old Lincoln car. Russ made this sign for Terry and Paul's huge cars. HA HA HA HA! 

Russ snapped these few pictures and sent them to all of us. Oh yeah, living the dream guys. 

I love it! That evening Terry took his youth leaders to dinner (like usual) but the three of them rode together in the front seat of the boat. How fun! 

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