Saturday, March 25, 2017

poofy puppy & walkies

We have given Luna weekly baths ever since we got her nearly three months ago. In the beginning she was little enough to fit under the bathtub water faucet but she's outgrown that capability now. Anyway, her fur has been getting very long and you can see how curly it is when it's wet. She's entirely covered in little ringlets!

But once she starts drying out I brush out all the curls and POOF! SHE'S SO FLUFFY!

Gah! She's so stinking cute! 

A couple nights later while Noah was at Moses' house after CC (so they can take him to BB gun shooting and save me a trip), I brought his two sisters Abigail and Julia back to our place for Evie to play with. We had some yummy spicy soup on that cold night. 

That weekend we had bought a few things from Scheels with the money we made after we sold some auction drums we'd acquired. The gloves were a replacement Christmas gift from my brother and the watch was not something I was planning on getting since Terry was the one who wanted one. But the sale price was just too good to turn down. Terry got his watch too. 

While Evie played with her friends that evening I took Luna out for a walk to test drive my new watch. It has GPS and is amazing. I love it for mountain biking - I have always wanted to be able to track distance and route. It does other things too, even heart rate! Anyway, I ended up on the hill above our house and when the city and its lights came in to view, my heart soared. How I love living here! I love the hills so much!

A fluffy Luna and coat swathed shadow of me. 

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