Saturday, March 25, 2017


Two and a half weeks ago we visited the Fire Department for a tour. Terry was already there for a ride-along in the hopes they got a call. He's been attending a weekly fireman bible study with two of his youth leaders, Steven and Ryan.

I took the littles to an eye appointment (I had a stye) and on the way back home called Terry and asked if the guys thought it would be okay for me to stop by as well. They do tours so it was no problem. Look at how big those wheels are! As tall as Ezra.

Samuel quite enjoyed sitting in the backseat of the biggest firetruck. It had a fold down seat so perhaps that was why. 

Ryan sat with him too - that was actually his seat with his stuff loaded next to it. 

Adorable Samuel in Ryan's hat. You can see the scrape on his face from a few days prior when he fell on his face while running down the sidewalk. He still has a big lump on his chin though all the bruising is gone.

Ryan and Steven look on while Samuel tries on Ryan's coat. So cute! 

Next Samuel sat in the front seat. 

Ezra liked the look of the monster truck looking firetruck but wouldn't go up inside. Steven helped Samuel climb up. It was huge! 

We finally got Ezra to go in the original truck. Look at his pouty face. Ha ha.

Got a smile out of him though!

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