Wednesday, March 15, 2017

post heat wave sledding

Just a few days after our beautifully warm and sunny hike at M Hill, the weather snapped back to cold. After all, it was still winter. The last weekend in February brought snow. 

I kept Luna out after her morning pee so I could take a picture. How sad that there's a snowy bike against the trampoline? Until next Strider bike, until next time.

We made good use of our time though and went sledding at Meadowbrook for the fourth (?) time this winter. 

Samuel backwards.

Zipping and smiling away, there goes Evie. 

Ezra prefers to be a baby and have daddy go with him so he can haul the sled back up. 

I was so bored after like ten pictures that I left them and went grocery shopping at Safeway. By the time I got back (long lines at the store), they were more than ready to be done. But we didn't quite want to go home yet. We drove by Civic Center hill but the snow was already melting. We tried the hill above the park by my parent's but our hearts just weren't in it. Three times down between them was all they managed. 

They played instead. And daddy swung them. He was having the time of his life. Not. We were bored, but it's always good to get out of the house during the weekends. 

Noah and Evie in a tunnel. 

I amused myself by taking some photos. It really was pretty with all the fresh snow covering everything. 

Weeeeee goes Ezra! 

Wanting something yummy for dinner that night, I made spiral sandwiches and cheese soup, our favorite

Luna was pretty tired out. If you look closely you can see her purple squeaky toy under her head. Terry called her a bone-head. Ha!

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