Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Canyon Lake in February

Nearly a month ago in mid-February when we were in the middle of a heat wave, I took the kids to Canyon Lake for some fresh air. All the ice had melted!

Samuel and Ezra, who were riding their bikes, got way ahead of us after the spillway hill when the rest of us stopped for a photo op. Fluffy Luna!

The boys rode back to us when they realized they were alone.  

Still pretty even though there's not much green yet.  

"Hold still so I can take a picture!" 

Noah goes mad over Luna's cuteness nearly every day and it looks like this.

Playing in the creek. 

Fluffy baby. 

When we got home Ezra needed a nap and thought Luna's kennel was as good a place for one as his own bed. ;) It reminded me of when Noah did the same thing in Gburg when he was also about four years old. 

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