Tuesday, April 25, 2017

*finally* no more brown road

In June of 2016, the National Guard demolished and destroyed the beautiful hill, trees, and field behind our house. Obviously I have first world problems, but I was seriously irritated. They finished shaping their new road in November and then it just sat all winter. I was worried that they would never come back and plant anything on the dirt and we'd have another summer of dirt blown over everything. 

You can imagine how excited I was to start the day on April 5 and see them tilling up the ground back there!

The next day they spread some seed using this contraption.

And then finally, glory and trumpets, they sprayed hydroseed over all that dumb dirt! Lord of the Rings reference anyone? He he he!

If I have to live with a giant road behind my house, at least it'll have grass on it. Fingers crossed anyway. It'd be awesome if they planted some kind of trees or bushes in addition, but perhaps I'd better not hold my breath.  

I tromped up the hill that evening and took in the sunset and all the hydroseed. Grow baby seeds, grow! 

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