Monday, April 3, 2017

Luna sink

Our laundry/bathroom looked like this before I painted it back in November. But this post is about the lovely yellow sink to the left...

I came home from who knows where Saturday March 18th and found this mess in the schoolroom. Terry had bought a new sink at Menards the previous week and had apparently decided he was gonna get that thing installed pronto. The old sink constantly, look at it! Hideous! I had always envisioned having a larger utility type sink in the laundry room for soaking clothes and rinsing out paint supplies. We also had the idea that if the sink was big enough, perhaps we could even wash the dog in it...

But there was more than just a simple swap that took place. Terry also tore up all the nasty old carpet in the laundry room too. I don't want to be indelicate, but we have three boys... Carpet around the toilet is not a good idea.  



He got the sink installed that day but still had to work out a couple kinks since it was dripping underneath. He got that figured out and we washed Luna that evening. It was not what we had hoped for. She's far too big for the sink already and we made a mess of water all over the floor, wall, and sides. Back to the tub she goes but we can still use the sink for many other things. But now before we rent our house during the summer we've got to figure out tile flooring... Wahoo!  

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