Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Evie's 9th birthday

Evie turned an incredible nine years old on March 31st. She was rather excited. Those eyes crack me up!

As is tradition, we woke her up with our singing of the birthday song. Then daddy gave her a balloon.

Daddy had also got donuts after his early morning run. 

Her birthday fell on a Friday, so we already didn't have school. They got to watch some TV after breakfast. Luna was so funny the way she kept chewing on the balloon string. 

Look at all that fluff! I have since shaved all her fur off so she doesn't look like this anymore. She looks so heavy!

Evie desperately wanted a friend party but I detest planning things. She planned everything she wanted to do and I asked a couple friends if their girls could come over for the afternoon. That's another benefit of homeschooling, they were all free on a Friday afternoon.

Papa Murphy's pizza for lunch.

Even Samuel had some gluten free pizza!! 

After a game of pin the lips on the frog (something she played at Elle's birthday party nearly five years ago!), they played many iterations of musical chairs.

Ezra had just got out and was more than a little bummed out. These boys are so darn competitive! 

La la la! 

Notice Evie's arm on Abigail's... 

There was a tussle for the last chair and they both went down. I think it was decided Evie won.  

Back at it again. 

Evie's got a hold of Elle this time, the little cheater. 

And hey presto, Evie wins again. I guess it was her birthday. 

Next they played outside some. 

And afterwards we went downstairs to open presents. 

Noah got her like three things and this card. He can be very generous. He even gave her the Armadillo's gift card he won in Essentials class. Awwww. 

We got her this little cat box from the Open Suitcase store downtown. It was made in India I believe, has parts that come apart, and a secret compartment. 

The crown jewel gift was the Hatchimal. When I bought it at Walmart, I remarked to the guy who showed me where they were that they were "so weird." Then when I bought it, the man who checked me out also said they were "so weird." Boy are they ever. But Evie was thrilled.

She even decorated for the occasion! 

I made her quiche for dinner, something I hadn't made for over a year since I discovered I'm allergic to eggs. 

I also made her cake from scratch that day. Boy, it was a full day!

Singing to Evie once again. 

Her hatchimal hatched shortly after opening it.  

The following night we had my parents and Shari, Jesse, and her girls came over for more celebrating. 

Happy birthday to our little Evangeline whom we adore! 

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