Monday, April 3, 2017

jean jackets & 13 biking

On Sunday March 19 I went into the bathroom at church and met this gaggle of girls within. One of them pointed out to me what I had missed - they all were wearing jean jackets. This was not planned! Perhaps since they spend every week together at small group, their minds (or their moms) are connected via some internal fashion sense. 

Later that afternoon Noah and I loaded up to go mountain biking with Denise and some others. We had no idea it would turn into 13!!

We did the same west Skyline trail that Denise and I had tried earlier that week and it turned out just perfect for a kid ride, which was what most of our group was made up of that day.  

We had stopped for a fairly long time for Denise and Jazmin to try their hand at adjusting Jack's bike. They got it going better and Denise gained some expertise for her mission trip this summer when she will be fixing bikes a little. 

We asked a friendly sight-seer onto of this Skyline Drive outlook to take our picture. This day was SO much fun. I didn't want it to end.  
Lindsey, Kari, Noah, Jack, Kyle, Rob, Mary, Zachary, Noah, Denise, Jazmin, me, and Zeb.

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