Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Evie's (and Noah's) haircut

On June 1, Evie had her long awaited haircut. She really wanted to chop it off short again since it had grown out since last year. I'm always a little hesitant to do it, but she is just so darn sure. She hates brushing her hair. She says it takes "forever" to brush it but in reality it takes like a minute. It is probably true that I make her brush her hair more often when it is long because it gets SO tangly SO quickly. Maybe it will thicken up as she gets older...but right now it's just so incredibly fine - see how the wind blows the tiny little strands everywhere?

In small group, little Norah got an adorable little bob with bangs and we loved it so much we wanted it cut just like hers. It's a little different. We were both a little shocked at the change, but it's grown on us and grown literally. He he he, I'm so funny. It's a great change and she loves it! Daddy misses her hair a little but he's not picky like that.
More layers this year. It moves very nicely and is a breeze to brush.

I cut Noah's hair as well and will cut the boys hair before our trip. He's a new kid with the haircut! 

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