Tuesday, June 13, 2017

first Storybook 2017

 On Memorial Day, May 29th, we went to Storybook Island for the first time of the season. Last year this was the one and only time we went, on Ezra's birthday. I hope we visit more this year!

The kids are well trained to tromp up to the top of the first castle overlook thing and pose for pictures. Ezra was whining because he couldn't see - see his frowny brow? Ha ha ha. 

Noah helped him. Much better.

We went through with Shari and Jesse and their girls. Here at the house that Jack built.

Old fashioned firetruck.

Evie is apparently very tired and bored while being driven around.

I like to have all the kids pose on this slide. It takes a bit of work but I don't care. It creates a line but I don't care. I love it!

"Okay you can go now."

A rare photo of Noah being kind to Ezra, at Poo's House.

Playing across from Noah's Ark, which no one wanted to visit. What?! I loved that when I was little!

A prince with his princesses...and creeper Noah. Ha!

Our kids with one random boy thrown in.

My dad was the best at spinning us on tire swings like these. There was one in Chicago when we visited my mom's family that he used to spin us so good on I nearly fell off. I loved that!

Spoiled punks going on the train. ;)

Ezra went in the back all by himself.

$2 a kid for a two minute ride. Can you guess how I feel about it?

The kids imitating Jack and Jill.

A new slide! I got some good boomerangs of the boys bodies all contorted going down these. Ha ha.

Sleeping at the top of the slide for some reason...

Top of the spaceship!

Evie and Grace sleeping together. Ir really don't get it. Because of the clock??

Top dog Samuel.

"Line up in front of the whale. No, not inside it, in front of it. Ezra hold still. Evie smile. Noah quit being a dork." Ok whatever, I got the shot. :)

A new addition to the under 5 kids park. Terry's face... :D

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