Monday, June 12, 2017

good bye seniors

Wednesday May 10 was our seniors' last night of youth group. We've never had such a large group of them before! We sure had a lot of graduation receptions to attend this year - more than we could manage in fact!
12 pictured: Terry, Michael, Tim, Isaac, Emma, Jazmin, Katrina, Annaka, Natasha, Jordan, Johanna, Sarah, and Rae.

These students sort of feel like "ours." It sort of takes a while for you to get to know students and these ones we've had since middle school when we first came five years ago now. So Terry is pretty much the only youth pastor they've had. That makes them ours. We're sure going to miss them. 

We take them out to eat at The Alpine Inn in lieu of a big senior party. Thankfully Terry did not get steak stuck in his esophagus like two years ago. Ha! It's the joke every single time he eats steak and especially when we go up there. We love you guys!
The crew plus Alesia and Marina.

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