Thursday, June 8, 2017

recent miscellaneous

Back in March Samuel was on a gluten and dairy free diet...and I just realized I never finished that story. When he finished and we reintroduced gluten and dairy, we really didn't see much difference in his emotions, learning, skin, or bowel movements. Well, the bumps on his face did seem to improve a little, but otherwise we didn't notice any ill effects from the gluten and dairy. So we're back to normal. But before we finished on April 14, we were running some errands one day and decided to treat ourselves to some snacks at McDonalds - the littles got ice cream. However, Samuel was not supposed to have the dairy in the ice cream or the gluten in the cone! Whoops! It sure was a cute photo though.

Two days before Noah's birthday Noah and Moses finally wore their matching Millennium Falcon t-shirts at the same time. Cute little buds. I remember this night Noah finally shot above a 300 and qualified for State like last year (which was easier at only 250 points). However, State was already full so he couldn't attend. He was majorly bummed and angry. Perhaps next year buddy.

On May 2, Faith gave us homeschoolers a special treat for that evening - a fetal pig! Ha! She had dissected it the previous day for her CC Challenge class and saved it so our kids were able to learn too. 

Ew! Noah freaked out pretty good. Actually, it ended up being a good primer for him. The day before we went to my uncle's funeral, he was in a biology lab and had to see another fetal pig.  

The next day, May 3, Evie was playing with her glasses and broke them! 

I made her pay for new ones. She lucked out however though - they had the exact same frames already used with just a slightly different color (no blue inside). 

First rainbow of the season on May 21. 

And my irises bloomed! 

My parents stayed with Nathan and Ana for another week and a half after my uncle's funeral so we had to dog sit Bo. He did better after we didn't lock him up in the laundry room at night and he quit barking at us at 5am.

Luna's fur is really coming back in since April when I shaved it all off

Last week during the older's piano lessons the littles and I had a lovely hour of nature time at Canyon Lake Park. We saw baby goslings! 

The boys enjoyed them almost as much as I did. Ha! 

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