Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Luna's first haircut (& a kid ride)

What have I done?! I gave Luna two haircuts...
top: After haircut.
 bottom left: January when we got Luna as a 3 month old puppy.
bottom right: and 6 months old.

After we took Luna hiking on an 80 degree day at the beginning of April, I decided to give her her first haircut. She had been so hot, plus she was all stinky from being in the creek below the Rock Mazes. We had a youth movie night that same day, Friday April 7, and I randomly decided to start clipping Luna just a half hour before everyone arrived. I just found myself determined to get it done, or at least started. I didn't want to shave her all the way down like I used to do for Snap, so I used the shortest guard we had. Luna was most uncooperative. I could not get at her head or legs at all. I seriously considered taking her to a groomers after this botched attempt.

I used scissors on her head to make her a bit more presentable to the students, but boy was it choppy! I could not stand it. Though seeing her below, knowing what she was about to look like for a while to come, she looks a bit cute. 

Oh yes, randomness here. Earlier that day I went on another kid bike ride with Noah at Skyline on April 8. Gah, we need to do another one!!

We got a little lost and discovered a new trail we'd never been to before, far out east of the trail overlooking the neighborhoods back there. Zoe took this picture of me. Such a fun day. 

The following day, the 8th, I made up my mind to finish Luna's haircut. Terry was napping after his long run and I had a brainwave idea of how to get Luna to hold still so I could prevent her from running away. I tethered her to the grill on the back deck similar to how they do at the grooming shops. It worked like a charm.

I got every part of her trimmed up just right. This was probably the best haircut I have ever done!  

However, when Evie came out about halfway through, she was devastated. She yelled out dramatically, "What have you done?!?!?!" She went back inside and bawled her eyes out. I made her come back out when I was done and tried to talk some sense into her. It will grow back very quickly! I had Noah and Evie help me clean up and then pose with all her fur. Evie still couldn't stop crying... Ha ha ha! I'm such a terrible mom. I thought it was funny but it was the end of the world for her, apparently. When Terry was putting her to bed that evening, she confided that she had considered giving me the silent treatment but decided not to because she likes talking too much. HA!!! She forgave me instead.

We all played out back for a while and I tried to get a good picture of Luna. After Evie saw that she was still the same dog and was actually happy, she cheered up a bit. Here she was forcing a smile but she was getting better. 

Naked dog!!!

Who knew there was this crazy skinny dog under all that fluff?!!! Terry and I said she looked like a small greyhound and my dad said a whippet. Turns out a whippet it a small version of a greyhound. YES, she looks exactly like that. Now her tail is all bony and hard and it hurts without all the cushioning fluff.

The following week brought several bad days with the kids and I just couldn't stand being in the house anymore. We went to Canyon Lake for a walk. I took some pictures of Luna's haircut again. 

Kids and the spillway. 

I took this picture two weeks ago (April 20) on the way back from dropping the olders off at piano. Luna always goes along and is alarmed when Noah and Evie leave (whine, whine, whine). This week she curled up on Noah's warm seat. I think, fingers crossed, she is getting better at tolerating car rides.

 Last Monday I was chilling a bit before starting school with the kids when Luna joined me on the recliner. She growled and barked at things out front like wind, leaves, cars, or people (everything and nothing) before she finally laid down for a nap. What could be more comfy than a squishy belly?

This was two and a half weeks after her haircut and you can see that curly hair coming right in. Her forehead is especially curly. And it's even longer now but we all can't wait until it's fluffy again. I much prefer her better fluffy. It's funny because I only liked Snap when he was groomed and with Luna it might be the exact opposite.

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