Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sunday at Sylvan

Three weeks ago on Sunday May 7, while driving to church in some pretty glorious weather, I got the itch to go for a drive in the hills. So that's what we did after lunch because that's Terry's way of helping me not go crazy. It was a bit last minute, but we all packed in the Envoy and it turned out to be some pretty good practice for our upcoming summer two week Utah and California trip - it made me sure I did not want to drive the Envoy!

Once we arrived we headed directly for the big rock that goes out into the middle of the lake. The kids and daddy climbed up and I stayed lower with Luna.

Terry's view of me and Luna!

I passed the dog to Terry so I could climb up and take a few photos and they went on to the next rock. See them?

They're good little cheesers.

Panaramic from northwest to southeast.  

I always take a selfie up here, like last summer and February. Kids are behind me.

We explored behind the second big rock for a bit. I like exploring. When we first got down to the water, there was this kid sneaking up on that turtle and he caught it! The kids were pretty impressed. When he let it go it climbed right back up on his log again and the kids, especially Evie just wanted to watch it for a while.  

We decided to brave Sunday Gulch, just like last summer, despite the warning from park person that there was still 6 inches of ice on the stairs. She was so wrong. There was no ice except in a couple deep places next to the stairs.  

It was just beautifully spring down there. 

I was wishing we hadn't brought Luna though, or that we could take her off her leash. At every step she was in danger of jumping down stairs and then getting hung up by her leash, literally. 

 But we made it to the bottom. Terry really wanted to keep going and do the whole loop, and for a while we did. The kids finally wore him down though. All they wanted to do was go swimming so we hiked right back up the canyon to do just that. 

I trucked back on up with the three olders (huffing and puffing because they were surprisingly fast!) while Terry slowly meandered with Ezra, both of them taking their time and enjoying the scenery.  

Ezra. I want to kiss his face at all times! 

I didn't take any pictures once we reached the beach because I wanted to enjoy the sun and I had forgot my good camera anyway. Terry did take this video of Evie dunking herself in the frigid water (I was making Boomerangs which were pretty funny). All of our kids got wet, though of course just like two days before in Marianne's creek, Evie went all the way under.

On our drive out of the park we stopped by Paul and Jana's house to see their mostly complete home remodel they had been working on for a while. Jana was kind enough to make us dinner too! Afterwards we walked around their land and creek, the kids swung, I fished Samuel's brand new sandal out of the muddy creek bed, we argued about which vehicle to take on our trip, and Luna became infested with at least ten ticks. It was a great day except for the ticks!

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