Wednesday, May 10, 2017

piano recital 2017

It's that time of year again, the wrapping up of all things school year related. On Sunday April 23, Noah and Evie performed at their third piano recital. How did that happen? I just watched their first and second recitals while looking up those links. Wow time flies. And they've really improved!

Evie performed "Ming Toy (Chinese Dance)"

Ultra fast little curtsy. 

It was a quick little number because they took out the middle very difficult part.

Noah performed "Minuet Two."

Taking his bow, which as Mrs. Reeves says is a way to thank the audience for their applause. It's cute how some forget to do this because of their nerves and excitement at being done. 

Noah's video

Kathy and Denise combine recitals so we get to hear some people we don't usually. Zoe's song was so so beautiful, seriously, I almost cried. We also loved Natasha's "Ophelia," which is my kids new favorite song.

That Noah is a little stinker. He always tries to get away with bunny ears or some kind of grimace when I take his picture. 

That's better. After some desserts we booked it home for dinner and a celebration for Noah's 12th birthday

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