Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Easter 2017

Easter fell on April 16 this year, just three days before Noah's 12th birthday. Terry's mom had to work so for the first time in a while we didn't go out to the ranch to celebrate. I have been having a hard time finishing the school year and just handling life so I wasn't up for preparing a big meal or party so we kept it low key. We came home after church and took family pictures on the back deck, something we have done since probably 2012, right before we moved back to Rapid. I was getting the camera set up on the tripod and took this practice picture of Terry. It cracks me up. What was going through his mind? Is he angry at having to pose? Is he hungry? Hangry? Irritated that his shirt keeps blowing open? Or is he simply working the smolder? Probably he was frustrated with the crazy high energy bouncing uncooperative dog!

First we tried the same place that we did last year. Not bad. Even Luna is looking!

I wanted to try some more before we finished. I wish I had lined us up the other way. Terry and I look enormous. 

Classic pyramid shape. 

Line up by height and try to get Luna to look up... 

Just da kids 


Nailed it! 

After a simple lunch of leftovers (so sad for Easter but I don't care!) we did our egg hunt. Grampa Jerry came for that. My mom said dad was busy so I assumed they weren't coming, however, when I came inside she said she was on her way. She arrived just after we finished. Bummer. 

Egg on the rhubarb leaves!

Samuel is quite the natural runner. He has good form. 

The adults had to help...if we could remember where in the world we hid everything. 

Cute little dwidgie. 

The boys on the hunt with daddy. Oh, and if you look closely at the dirt next to them, you can see some woody stems sticking out. Those are my pink hydrangeas that I just transplanted to the back. This is their last chance at life. I planted them two summers ago and they were so gorgeous but then got shredded by hail. I had hopes that they'd spring back last summer. They grew leaves but that's it, no blooms. They may have been overcome by all the wildflowers that took over that bed. So, by moving them to the sunny backyard, this is their very last chance at life. If they fail me now, I will dig them up, throw them out, and say good riddance!

Nope, that one is for Samuel (we label them all).

There you go Samuel! 

Naked Luna had fun running around. She did find one lost egg later and ate some candy out of it. Ha! 

Another one for Ez. 

This one was pretty hard for Evie so I played the Hot or Cold game with her. Getting warmer... 


We tried to leave the littles' eggs out in plain sight. 

Noah's and Evie's required more work. In fact, we had to coach them. 

"Look up Evie!" 

By this time everyone needed help. 

"You're so close Ezra. Look down..."

There you go! 

Noah had to look closely at those tractors as well. 

Grampa helped Samuel carry his basket. Because he was on his gluten and dairy free diet, there was only a few candies he could have and none of them were small chocolates (what is the point of candy if it's not chocolate right?!). All of his candies were big and therefore wouldn't fit into a normal size egg and we had to use the biggest eggs we had. His basket overflowed. 

Doing the resurrection eggs. 

Evie explaining the purple cloth. Smart girl. 

Shortly thereafter daddy was worn out and had to have a nap. Ezra thought that sounded like a good idea too.

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