Wednesday, May 10, 2017

biking & hiking 2 in 1 day at M...and my wreck

On the morning of April 29 Denise and I did a quick ride at M Hill. Invigorating. 

Later that day I set the pizza dough timer and we went to M Hill as a family for a quick hike. We drove around next to the interstate and hiked over to the northern trailhead which we had never done before. Well, I had done part of it on a bike ride months earlier but had to leave early. I really wanted to explore more so that's what we did. 

How fortunate we are to have this right in the middle of town!

So beautiful! 

Samuel liked to take frequent breaks in the new grass next to the trail. It's amazing none of them got any ticks. 

We hiked Tranquil, North Loop, and St. John's trails. Just past our halfway point, we went off the trail on top of this hill and did a little exploring.

More sitting in the grass. 

I could see the trail Denise and I did earlier that day (Sunclimb)! 

Laying in the grass :) 

More sitting. 

Stunning sunset that night.

Samuel tried some vegan cheese that night. He liked it until he had too much and then changed his mind.  

The following day Denise, Jazmin, Zeb, and I biked at Storm Mountain - the Cross Country Loop and then Vietnam. I'd never done Vietnam before and was super tired by the time we started it. I was flying along a rocky road behind the others when somehow my bike just bucked me off and I endo'd (went over my handlebars). I didn't brake too hard and there wasn't a big drop so I have no idea what happened. At any rate, I crashed into the ground pretty darn hard since I was going fast. I must have landed either on my bike or on some rock because I had some serious bruising, especially just above my left knee. The progression of color was fascinating to watch. I ended up breaking my derailer hanger, again, but David fixed it up for me no problem. So now I just have to get my courage up to go again.

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